A short story can be fun. It can help you to discover an author whose novels you might also enjoy. Some of these stories are even free. Click on the book covers to learn more.

March 2021
Catholic Teen Books 3rd anthology
May 2020
Short story related to Elfling.
May 2020
Book 4: unSPARKed novella
April 2020
Book 3: unSPARKed novella
Oct 2019
Catholic Teen Books 2nd anthology
Dec 2019
I Am Margaret short story
June 2019
Book 2: unSPARKed novella
Oct 2018
A short story that combines characters from Leslea Wahl's stories.
Jul 2018
Catholic Teen Books 1st anthology
Dec 2017
A FREE short story by A.J. Cattapan
Dec 2017
Prequel to I Am Margaret series
Nov 2017
Book 1: unSPARKed novella
Feb 2016
A FREE short story related to the Liberty trilogy.
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