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Gifts: Visible & Invisible


Susan Peek, Katy Huth Jones, Carolyn Astfalk, Theresa Linden, Leslea Wahl, Cynthia T Toney, T M Gaouette, Corinna Turner


CatholicTeenBooks.com Christmas-themed short story anthology!

♦ Setting out in a raging blizzard with nothing but an outlaw's trunk and a heart clenched with dread, Barney leaves the warmth of his family for the cold unknown. Will he find the courage to obey the command? ♦ What could an ancient Christmas carol possibly have to do with Andrew's life? He's about to find out! ♦ No tree, no cookies, no gifts. Not a single flake of snow. With sick siblings, Dad stranded, and Mom overwhelmed, will Christmas come at all to Marigold's topsy-turvy home? ♦ In a dystopian future, Bolcan wants to prove his skills as a rescuer but this is a crazy mission: deliver gifts to Aldonians by stealth and at risk of capture. ♦ Meg’s unforgettable Advent journey begins when four simple words challenge her idea of a perfect Christmas. ♦ Christmas without her friend Sal isn't the same, but Antonina finds a new friend whose circumstances have her rethinking the value of a gift. ♦ Christmas had always made sense to Vanessa, until her yuletide festivities are called into question by a new kid named Luke and a mysterious wood carving. ♦ Joshua's perfect Christmas Eve is upended by the plight of a starving mamma dino and her babies. Meanwhile, Darryl and her family risk their lives for a holiday guest in the perilous, raptor-infested mountains.







"These authors don’t tell you to 'Dare to be different.' They show you. They whisper to your soul in characters, dialogue, and settings that your life can be a GREAT story, one that includes a lifestyle of authentic Catholic faith."

—Cathy Gilmore of Virtue Works Media