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Have you considered inviting an author to speak to your students?

One of the highlights of being an author is to meet the young adults reading our books. What a blessing that is! Teachers and students have expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to hear a talk by the author and then discuss the stories and characters that they’ve all come to know.

Author visits are extremely valuable to the author and the students, and you can read more about this amazing opportunity, including the personal experiences and advice from some of today's amazing Catholic fiction authors—including five Catholic Teen Books members—in the summer 2019 edition of Today’s Catholic Teacher.

The article, “Bring an Author to School,” highlights the benefits of inviting authors to schools to speak directly to the students. Whether via in-person visits or virtual, teachers can add a valuable dimension to their curriculum. Check out the article for more information!


See below for a full list of Catholic Teen Book authors who are available for in-person and/or virtual visits!


Hey, Catholic school and parish faith-formation teachers! This one is for you!



"It is a very special gift for students to engage with the author of the books they read and love!


- D. Abramson,
Grade Five/Six
Language Arts
St. Catherine of Siena School
Manchester, NH



*HT-Home Territory, where authors are willing to travel.

Please note that some authors are willing to travel further than stated below, so check the authors' web pages 

for further details, including necessary travel expenses and speaking fees.

Carolyn Astfalk-HT-mid-Atlantic region (100-mi. radius of Hershey, PA.) Virtual visits-worldwide.
Click HERE​ for more information.


A. J. Cattapan- HT-Illinois. Willing to travel anywhere. Virtual visits-worldwide. (Skype and Google).
Click HERE for more information. 

Stephanie Engelman- HT-Indianapolis area. Virtual visits-worldwide. 
Click HERE
for more information. 

T.M. Gaouette- HT-New Hampshire area. Virtual visits-worldwide. 
HERE for more information. 

Antony B. Kolenc- HT-Jacksonville, FL, and Dallas, TX. Willing to travel anywhere. Virtual visits-worldwide. Click HERE for more information. 

Theresa Linden- HT-Northeast Ohio area. Virtual visits-worldwide.
HERE for more information.


Carmela Martino-HT: Chicago metropolitan area. Willing to travel anywhere. Virtual visits-worldwide. Click HERE for more information.


Susan Peek-HT: Topeka, Kansas area, travel within 50 miles. Virtual visits-worldwide. Click HERE for more information.


Andrea Jo Rodgers-HT: New Jersey, travel within 50 miles. Virtual visits-worldwide.
Click HERE for more information.

Corinna Turner-HT: Gloucestershire, UK. Willing to to travel anywhere. Virtual visits-worldwide.
Click HERE for more information. 

Leslea Wahl-HT-Colorado (willing to travel to neighboring states). Virtual visits-worldwide.
Click HERE for more information. 



Many of these authors contribute to the Catholic Teen Books blog. Check it out HERE.

Following are a list of talks that individual CTB authors have offered.

Please check with individual authors regarding topics of discussion.

1) “Do Not Be Afraid: God Has a Plan for Your Life, Too!”

2) “How to Write a Page-Turner: Building an Exciting Plot from Beginning to End!”

3) “So You Want to Be an Author?”

   (good for high-school students who are interested in writing as a career)

4) Author talk - My Personal Journey.

5) How Fiction Can Influence Faith?

6) Writing Workshop!  

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