Our fiction reflects our faith with Catholic themes, characters, and perspectives. The characters in our stories struggle with challenges that we all face. Some stories follow the lives of saints, of those who dared to live counter-culturally and give themselves entirely to God. Other stories bring to light the beauty and power of the unique aspects of the Catholic faith. The Catholic element is more subtle in some works, but the worldview and themes bring the message of truth.


We hope that our fiction will challenge and inspire, that it will awaken within our readers some of the mystery, joy, and beauty of the Faith. We hope to stir within our readers a desire for something beyond themselves. Because God calls everyone to the fullness of faith and happiness, we invite readers of any faith or no faith at all to read our fiction.

You will find books for every teen boy or girl, middle grade through high school. Check out the menu above for the genre categories that list our books, and find the titles that cover topics of interest to you. If you have a question about a book or would like to inquire about an author visit in person or via Skype, go to the author’s page below and contact her at the email address provided. Many authors would also enjoy giving a presentation at your school, home-school group, or local library. We look forward to hearing from you.


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