Angelhood by A. J. Cattapan

Winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

We're never really alone.

The afterlife isn't quite what seventeen-year-old theater geek Nanette expected. She thought she would find peace and freedom from her troubles. Instead, she's become a guardian angel who must earn her wings by saving a young teen from taking her own life. However, Nanette is missing more than just her wings. She has no tangible body or voice, either. If she's going to find peace in the afterlife, Nanette will have to discover what living is really all about.

Saint Magnus: The Last Viking by Susan Peek

Used in Catholic schools worldwide

Come back in time 900 years, to the fierce and desolate Northern lands, where Norsemen ruled with ax and sword. A dying king, a shocking death-wish, his heirs divided with an oath of blood . . .
​In this fast-paced new novel by the highly popular Susan Peek, the conflict unfolds between Magnus Erlendson, a heroic young prince aflame with the love of God, and his outlawed cousin Hakon, who blames Magnus for his banishment from their kingdom. What follows is a tale of betrayal and revenge, bravery and forgiveness, as Magnus seeks to restore his father’s vanquished kingdom to its rightful hands. Entertaining and inspiring from start to finish, a must-read for all those who thrill to learn the life of a saint we never knew existed!

Rightfully Ours by Carolyn Astfalk

New Release 2017

A coming-of-age story of first love, buried treasure, and discovering some things are worth the wait.


Sixteen-year-old Paul Porter's relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad's deployment. Or so he and his brother think, until devastating news lands on their doorstep.

Paul's new home with the Muellers provides solace, especially in the form of Rachel, his friend and confidante. Their abiding friendship deepens as they work side by side to uncover what could be lost treasure.

Will they acquire the strength of character and virtue to take only what rightfully belongs to them or are they in way over their heads, with more than a few lost artifacts at stake?

Themes include premarital chastity and overcoming temptation.


A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion of St. Camillus de Lellis by Susan Peek

Also available in Spanish

At last . . . a saint for strugglers!

Soldiering, gambling, brawling, drinking.  As a young man, St. Camillus excelled at them all.  Add to that his fiery temper and innate knack for getting into trouble, and Camillus de Lellis seems the last person who could ever achieve holiness!  But God had plans for the stubborn young soldier, whether Camillus liked it or not…
Back in print by popular demand, this fast paced and inspiring story of the soldier-of-fortune who became an intrepid Soldier of Christ will appeal even to those who don’t normally like to read!


Battle for His Soul by Theresa Linden

1st-Place Winner - Catholic Press Association 2017

The spiritual combat is real.

Jarret West, a rich teenage boy, has been accustomed to having control over others and getting his way. When his life begins to fall apart, Ellechial, his guardian angel, hopes now is the time for conversion. Jarret must be freed from the deep clutches of Deth-kye, the demon bent on seeing him in hell. The fate of several others depends upon Jarret’s conversion.

While Jarret gets ensnared in Deth-kye’s traps, Ellechial can provide little help since Jarret doesn’t pray, doesn’t believe, and hasn’t listened to him in years. Meanwhile, Jarret’s twin and other teens form a prayer group and begin to pray before the Blessed Sacrament unaware of the power they provide the angels. Though Ellechial gains strength, Deth-kye wins victory after victory. His weapons: emotion, vice, and memories. Who will win the battle for Jarret’s soul?

Shadow in the Dark by Antony B. Kolenc

Book One in "The Harwood Mysteries" medieval adventure series

In twelfth century England, an attack by bandits in the middle of the night leaves a young boy with no memory of who he is or where he is from. Nursed back to health by the devoted monks in a Benedictine abbey, he takes the name Alexander, or Xan for short. Aided by the kindly Brother Andrew, and his best friend, Lucy, Xan commits himself to finding out who he really is. Is his family still alive? Why has God allowed so much suffering into his life? And who—or what—is the shadowy figure creeping around the abbey in the dead of night?