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Ashes: Visible & Invisible


Leslea Wahl, Cynthia Toney, Marie Keiser, Carolyn Astfalk, Amanda Lauer, Ellen Gable, Corinna Turner, Antony Kolenc, T.M. Gaouette, Theresa Linden

CTB ANTHOLOGY Lent-themed short story anthology!

Ten short Lent-themed stories by ten CatholicTeenBooks authors in a variety of genres. A boy in ancient Israel, a girl in modern-day America, a young man in the far future; a dozen teenagers in different settings. What do they all have in common? Each of these otherwise unrelated young people is presented with a choice, the same choice that every teen must make at some point in their lives: God or self. Sacrifice or selfishness.
The stakes vary. Some characters in this anthology risk being eaten by dinosaurs while others must simply rise to a new level of maturity in their everyday life, or choose a higher level of generosity.
Ashes: Visible and Invisible is a collection of stories that will both entertain young readers and invite them into a deeper understanding of Lent and their faith.







"The Catholic Teen Books authors have done it again! We loved this book from page one; it's a great way to dig deeper into Lent with your teens. The book has a story for everyone, and they all share the faith in different but wonderful ways. Highly recommend!"

—Catholic Mom and Daughter Channel (YouTube)


More CTB authors submitted stories for this anthology than the others, each one anxious to dive deeper into Lent through a story.

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