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by eight Catholic Teen Books authors Christmas-themed short story anthology!

Every good endowment and every perfect gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of lights with whom

there is no variation or shadow due to change.

(James 1:17 RSV-CE)


As described by Cathy Gilmore of Virtue Works Media, who provides the foreword,


"These authors don’t tell you to 'Dare to be different.' They show you.

They whisper to your soul in characters, dialogue, and settings that

your life can be a GREAT story,

one that includes a lifestyle of authentic Catholic faith."

did you know?

This book is available as a Book-Club-in-a-Box! Learn more HERE.

It's also featured on the Faith Through Fiction Christmas Special. Check it out!

Eight Short Christmas Stories

♦  Setting out in a raging blizzard with nothing but an outlaw's trunk and a heart clenched with dread,

Barney leaves the warmth of his family for the cold unknown. Will he find the courage to obey the command?

♦  What could an ancient Christmas carol possibly have to do with Andrew's life? He's about to find out!

♦  No tree, no cookies, no gifts. Not a single flake of snow. With sick siblings, Dad stranded, and Mom overwhelmed,

will Christmas come at all to Marigold's topsy-turvy home?

♦  In a dystopian future, Bolcan wants to prove his skills as a rescuer but this is a crazy mission:

deliver gifts to Aldonians by stealth and at risk of capture.

♦  Meg’s unforgettable Advent journey begins when four simple words challenge her idea of a perfect Christmas.

♦  Christmas without her friend Sal isn't the same, but Antonina finds a new friend whose circumstances

have her rethinking the value of a gift.

♦  Christmas had always made sense to Vanessa, until her yuletide festivities are called into question

by a new kid named Luke and a mysterious wood carving.

♦  Joshua's perfect Christmas Eve is upended by the plight of a starving mamma dino and her babies.

Meanwhile, Darryl and her family risk their lives for a holiday guest in the perilous, raptor-infested mountains.

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"God bless these talented Catholic Authors for putting together short stories, that are set in vastly different time periods, yet bring home the significance of humility, forgiveness, and the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. The thing that Catholics all over the world are taught to do is to live like Jesus, and lead with Love! If a smile or kind gesture will change a life, I know reading this book will change yours. Yes, Catholic Families everywhere will need this in their collections!"  

       ~Emily Davis, Catholic Blogger

"No cartoon characters 'saving Christmas' by making sure presents happen, or mistletoe moments with less substance than a snowflake here. These 8 stories entertain and edify the young-adult reader and satisfy that Christmas craving for something more, which can only be fulfilled by Jesus. Each story stands alone, but many are connected to other work by the authors from Catholic Teen Books." 

      ~Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS, Editor, and Managing Editor, Today's Catholic Teacher magazine

"Wow! What an amazing collection of Christmas stories! I know not everyone likes short stories, but I love them, and this collection is amazing! Short stories are a different art form than novels. For a short story to be good, the writing needs to be tighter and crisper. And each of the 8 in this collection are very well written. One of the things I normally love about reading anthologies is discovering new authors. But that was not the case this time. I have read books by all of the contributors and had high expectations for this collection. I loved the anthology Secrets Visible & Invisible from the authors at Catholic Teen Books. In this collection we have one Christmas short story from each of the contributors. Some contain characters you may encounter in novels by the authors, and one has characters in a forthcoming novel. I have read this anthology once and I have listened to it a second time. It is one of the best anthologies I have ever encountered for Catholic or Christian fiction!

      ~Steven R. McEvoy, blogger at Book Reviews & More

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