Roland West, Loner by Theresa Linden

High school can be tough on any kid, but it's worse for a loner.

Roland West, Loner is a contemporary Christian story about a fourteen-year-old boy who finds himself friendless at a new school and the subject of cruel rumors. Roland lives with his father and older twin brothers in a secluded house that resembles a castle—complete with battlements, turrets, and a secret passageway. Finding it hard to make friends at school, Roland is excited to learn about his father’s upcoming trip to Italy. He hopes to go, but one of his brothers stands in his way and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. When Roland ends up locked in the cellar, a neighboring kid and his autistic brother stumble upon the secret passageway and rescue him. Struggling to trust his new friends, secrets, rumors, and an unusual inheritance put Roland on a journey that just might have the power to change the life of this loner.

2nd-Place Catholic Press Association 2016

“If I was allowed to choose

only one novel this year that was not only sheer delight to read, but also had the most profound impact on

my spiritual life, it would be - without a shadow of a doubt - Roland West, Loner."


~Susan Peek, author of Saint Magnus, The Last Viking


Fun fact

Readers will be introduced

to a little-known Franciscan saint in this story.

Life-Changing Love by Theresa Linden

Second in the West Brothers Series

A novel about dating, courtship, family, and faith. 

Caitlyn Summer, soon to be fifteen, must practice old-fashioned courtship with high parental involvement, but she has a terrible crush on shy Roland West and she has competition from a girl with no restrictions. As Caitlyn struggles to remain faithful to God, her parents, and herself, her best friend gets pregnant and might get an abortion. When Caitlyn discovers her mother's past mistakes, she begins to resent all the guidelines her parents expect her to follow.

​The characters in Life-Changing Love face the questions: Who am I? Where am I headed? How am I going to get there?

"Her work simply and humbly demonstrates the riches of the faith as they appear in the world, both externally and internally. In this way, she not only writes an engaging story, but also a clear invitation to the life of faith."


~Amazon review


Fun fact

In this story, readers will visit a little-known but actual Eucharistic miracle in a small town in Italy.

Battle for His Soul by Theresa Linden

1st-Place Catholic Press Association 2017

Third in the West Brothers Series

Jarret West, a rich teenage boy, has been accustomed to having control over others and getting his way. When his life begins to fall apart, Ellechial, his guardian angel, hopes now is the time for conversion. Jarret must be freed from the deep clutches of Deth-kye, the demon bent on seeing him in hell. The fate of several others depends upon Jarret’s conversion.

While Jarret gets ensnared in Deth-kye’s traps, Ellechial can provide little help since Jarret doesn’t pray, doesn’t believe, and hasn’t listened to him in years. Meanwhile, Jarret’s twin and other teens form a prayer group and begin to pray before the Blessed Sacrament unaware of the power they provide the angels. Though Ellechial gains strength, Deth-kye wins victory after victory. His weapons: emotion, vice, and memories. Who will win the battle for Jarret’s soul?


"I think I have prayed

throughout the day

to my guardian angel

more in the past week

since reading this book

than for many years combined!."


~Amazon review

Fun fact

The author used St. Thomas Aquinas teachings on angels when developing the angel characters.


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Standing Strong by Theresa Linden

Book 4 in the West Brothers series

When the path is not clear, when temptation is near,

when God speaks in a whisper you can barely hear...

Ever since that life-changing night in the canyon, Jarret has felt the presence of the Lord in his soul. Now that presence is fading. Is it his fault? How will he remain faithful without it when he still struggles against the same temptations?

Questioning whether he has a true calling, Keefe reads everything he can about St. Francis and the Franciscans, but he’s afraid to talk to his father about the Franciscans' upcoming discernment retreat because his father seems closed to faith. Is he ready to go all in?

"...a beautiful testament to how God works—in the whispers, in the quiet moments, in the gentle guidance of our hearts. It's a reminder that Jesus is with us in ways we may never understand, and that, if we allow it, the Holy Spirit will give us the strength to stand strong for God!"

~Lisa Mayer, author 


Fun fact

The Franciscan Brothers of Peace helped the author with story research. See the book in their newsletter HERE!

outcast 1.jpg

Roland West Outcast by Theresa Linden

Book Five in the West Brothers series

He's searching for the truth but is he ready to proclaim it?

For shy Roland West, speech class is synonymous with humiliation. The last thing he wants is more attention from the gossips and troublemakers of River Run High School. But when an outcast’s house is viciously vandalized, Roland needs to find the perpetrators—before they strike again. Yet nothing is as straightforward as it seems. Suspected by the police and ridiculed for his beliefs, Roland draws closer to the sinister truth. When the perpetrators threaten a good friend, can Roland overcome his fear of speaking out and expose them?

“In this world where we are told to accept everyone and everyone’s beliefs, it’s so refreshing to have a book that addresses this from a scriptural perspective. …By having the courage to speak the truth you can

lead people to Christ …”

~ Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning The Perfect Blindside

Fun fact

You can learn why the author wrote this book in an interview at Tumblar House HERE!

FS front cover.jpg

Fire Starters by Theresa Linden

Book Six in the West Brothers series

A Confirmation story

The moment Peter Brandt discovers archenemy Jarret West is a Confirmation candidate, the ceiling of St. Michael’s Church caves in. He soon learns none of the West brothers have received the sacrament: Keefe is looking forward to it, Roland hates drawing attention to himself, and Jarret doesn’t think he's worthy. Before Peter gets over his shock, whispers of bad news surround him. Parishioners suspect that the parish will soon close and be merged with a neighboring, newly remodeled church. Peter’s friend Caitlyn is anxious to help, but her life comes crashing down when her mother leaves to aid her aged parents. Now Caitlyn is homeschooling with a neighboring family and caring for her younger siblings, and she can’t see her friends at school. Peter and Caitlyn soon suspect that someone might be behind the potential closing of their church. Not one to give up easily, Caitlyn suggests the Fire Starters help with preparing the West brothers and saving the church.

"This book brings the reality of the Catholic Sacraments of Initiation to life: that they are building blocks on the faith journey with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit carrying us through."    


~Jackalyn Prosak, Director of Religious Education/Youth Minister at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Elyria, OH

Fun fact

This book is available as a Book-Club-in-a-Box or as a Gift Set. Learn more HERE.