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The first book pack devoted just to younger teens. These titles will entertain and inspire, while also supporting the young teen's faith.

$46 plus shipping (Books Retail at $57.50)

Destiny of Sunshine Ranch

T M Gaouette


Relays the personal journeys of the Credence foster children and their struggles to overcome past and present pain and adversity. In this novel, the confidence of the devoted is challenged, but an even deeper understanding of God and His love are revealed.

Themes: includes overcoming past adversity, grief, loss, foster care, the power of prayer, friendship, faith, forgiveness, courage. Appropriate for students studying Christian morality.

Free book study questions on author’s website.


Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon

Corinna Turner


Mandy Lamb is the world's only half-sheep girl, thanks to a spot of well-meant but ill-advised genetic tinkering. Starting senior school, she meets James, a rather strange orphan who smells, to Mandy, distinctly like a dog, and who has a bad habit of running off at the full moon. With danger on the way, will James prove friend or foe?

Themes: Bullying, grief, loss, friendship, faith, forgiveness, courage. 

No discussion guide at this time.


Treachery and Truth

Katy Huth Jones


A novelization of the brief life of Saint Wenceslas (the “Good King” of the Christmas carol) through the POV of his faithful young servant, Poidevin. While both boys and girls will enjoy this fast-paced historical novel, boys especially will find several strong role models. Even as a young teen, Wenceslas (portrayed here by his Czech name, Vaclav) showed great faith, courage, humility, and compassion.

Themes: the meaning of suffering, fidelity to Christ, loving our enemies

Discussion questions located in the back of the book.


Treasures: Visible & Invisible

Theresa Linden, Susan Peek, Antony B Kolenc, Amanda Lauer, Carolyn Astfalk, Leslea Wahl, T M Gaouette, Corinna Turner


Catholic Teen Books third anthology with 8 short stories in a variety genres all with a St. Patrick theme!

Themes: St. Patrick, faith, conversion, saints, family, sacrifice, and more.

No discussion guide at this time.

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