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Starting or Stocking Your Classroom Library

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Fiction can have a huge influence in a person’s life, but much more so in a child’s.

Teens deal with a multitude of struggles, from fitting in to dealing with bullying, from friendships to relationships, and so many others in between. Teen years are one of the most difficult, especially in the current state of our society. And when it comes to Catholic teens, there’s the added concern of dealing with all these issues while remaining true to the faith. With so much pressure from society, parents, and peers, it's hardly surprising that teens get lost in the world.

Fiction can make or break a teen in such situations, especially if they can relate to a character or admire one. We’ve seen it ourselves with stories that have had a negative impact on teens, encouraging them to be more violent or promiscuous, or to follow the world or lose hope altogether. And with the literary offerings focused more and more on spreading worldly views and lifestyles, we at Catholic Teen Books feel it necessary to write more stories with characters that radiate God’s Word, inspiring good morals and virtues. In a variety of genres, these stories provide real life situations that teens can relate to, characters that, although flawed, find hope in a dark world.

But these stories are useless if they don’t reach the teens who need them. And so we’ve designed two amazing opportunities specifically for Catholic schools that will not only help us share this ministry, but will provide faith-filled fiction to teens who may not otherwise get their hands on it.

Firstly, we're pleased to offer discounted Book Packs, which are selected books relating to a theme. Whether you include these in your library or use them as part of your curriculum, our hope is that introducing them in your school environment will allow many students a chance to enjoy them. You can learn more about our book packs HERE.

The second opportunity we have for you is a big book giveaway that all Catholic school librarians and educators will be invited to enter. There’s only one winner! So be on the look out this fall for when we begin accepting entrants! Stay posted for more news on this awesome giveaway!

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