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Let's Get Catholic Teen Books into Local Libraries

Who doesn't love a good adventure or mystery, an inspiring historical or saint story, a thought-provoking science fiction or dystopian, or even a sweet love story? It's so much fun to dive into a new story, but most of us are not in the position to buy every book we'd like to read, due to financial or space constraints. And still, there are many book titles bloating our ever-growing to-be-read pile.

Sure, you'd like to devour Theresa Linden's West Brother series or keep up with Corinna Turner's dinosaur fiction. Maybe this summer you're looking forward to burying your nose in a book and taking a trip through time with Ellen Gable's Great War Great Love series, Amanda Lauer's Heaven Intended books, or Antony Kolenc's Harwood Mysteries. And that's just a sampling of books you can choose from by Catholic Teen Books authors.

Many of us are adept at using our libraries to find titles we want to read, often perusing the shelves and walking out with as many books as our arms or tote bags can hold. But did you know you can request that your local library purchase books you'd like to read?

You can, and it's often a simple process.

That's why Catholic Teen Books and other organizations and individual authors are promoting the Stock the Shelves Campaign. Your library may have a simple online form for requesting books or you may have to make your request at the circulation desk. Either way, Catholic Teen Books makes it easy with its online catalog, which includes titles and ISBN numbers for ease of ordering.

Having those titles stocked on your library shelves not only benefits you but also authors and other readers. New books are often stocked on easily visible shelves, promoting their circulation. And how simple it is to recommend a book to a friend when you can tell them they can reserve it at the library!

So, please take a few minutes this month and select a book or two you especially want to read and ask your library to stock it. Then, we'd love it if you'd share with us how it went and maybe a picture of a Catholic Teen Book novel on your library's shelf!

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