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Is Your Life Boring? Stop making these 4 mistakes about conflict.

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

As a writer, I’ve come to appreciate the value of conflict. Without it, a story is BORING! If the main character starts out perfect and had a great goal but faces no personal or outside conflict, the story can’t take off.

Conflict keeps a story from being boring. Since none of us is perfect, we can more easily identify with a flawed character than a perfect one. When obstacles stand in the way of that flawed character reaching the goal, readers stay connected to the story. It’s exciting!

Plus, each obstacle reveals more about the character’s strengths and weaknesses.

The same is true with us! We learn more about ourselves when faced with conflict than when our days go smoothly and according to plan. It’s when we face conflict and overcome that we start to feel good about ourselves. We start becoming the person we are meant to be!

We can’t forget that we are made in the image and likeness of God, who sent His Son into the world to show us the pathway to a happy—not boring at all—life. The path that Jesus trod was littered with obstacles and conflict from beginning to end. Each moment of conflict proved who Jesus was/is and how great His love was/is for us. Each moment of conflict in our lives has the potential to do the same!

Conflict can help us to overcome a boring life and transform us into the person we want to be, so stop making these 4 mistakes:

1. Running from conflict – When challenges come into your life, it’s easy to simply run away. But that doesn’t give you the opportunity to grow and become the person you really want to be. We all want to be strong and courageous, but without being tested, those virtues can’t grow. Without growth, life is boring.

2. Compromising when truth is at stake – It feels good when everyone can agree on everything, but the truth matters. Remember that the truth is a person: Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Ultimately, everyone benefits from the truth, even if it’s hard to accept sometimes. When facing conflict, embrace the truth and share the truth in love.

3. Overindulging in electronics – If the only conflict in your life comes from the games you play or from social media, you might be missing the real conflict that can transform your life. Consider reducing the amount of time spent on electronics and finding new forms of entertainment, like reading, spending time with friends and family, or even volunteering.

4. Underestimating role models - It’s not always easy to know what to say or do in a specific situation. That’s why role models help. The stories and characters in Catholic fiction can provide examples for how to overcome obstacles, face conflict, and grow into the person God made you to be!

These stories are not boring, and your life doesn’t need to be boring either. God has called you to a great adventure! It’s time to set out on the path that God has laid before you and to face conflict with a new frame of mind!

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” ~ St. Catherine of Sienna

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