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Faith Through Fiction: Saint Patrick's Day Special

On March 17th, many will celebrate the feast day of Saint Patrick of Ireland, whether they are Catholic or not and whether they are Irish or not. Some American-Irish traditions include eating corned beef and cabbage, decorating with shamrocks, wearing the color green--and the most fruitful tradition: attending Mass!

This fifth-century saint was born in Roman Britain then kidnapped at age sixteen and brought to Ireland as a slave. He later escaped but bravely returned to bring the Catholic faith to the Irish people. The many legends that surround this saint capture the imagination and inspire faith.

This is why we, the Catholic Teen Books authors, wrote this short-story Saint Patrick-themed anthology. It's a wonderful book to enjoy during Lent and throughout the year, as you read through one short story at a time.

Enjoy the latest Faith Through Fiction video by T. M. Gaouette and Leslea Wahl as they discuss Saint Patrick's Day and our anthology Treasures: Visible & Invisible.

"I invite teens, and readers of all ages, to stand on the craggy wind-swept cliff of your imagination, and experience the collection of stories called, Treasures: Visible and Invisible, created by the talented team of authors from Catholic Teen Books. With a shamrock as our touchstone, this book takes us on a journey through an expanse of time from ancient to modern. Be inspired by the holy greatness of heroism rooted in the spiritual treasures of the Emerald Isle."

—Cathy Gilmore, speaker, catechist, educator, author, and Virtue Advocate

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