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Faith Through Fiction is back!

Catholic Teen Books is excited to share new episodes of Faith Through Fiction!

For those not familiar with this series, and for those who're looking for a reminder, Faith Through Fiction is a video blog series that dives into issues teens face and presents fiction with related themes.

Let's face it: growing in faith and keeping to the narrow path that leads to heaven isn't easy. But God has answers for all our problems. He wants to heal all our wounds. And He has a path that will bring far greater joy than the one the world presents to us.

Relevant Catholic fiction can help strengthen our faith by providing inspiration, insight, role models, and examples. In the Faith Through Fiction vlog series, Catholic Teen Books authors T.M. Gaouette and Leslea Wahl discuss a number of issues that teens struggle with and recommend amazing stories that address the topic of discussion.

We as Christians know that Jesus often shared His teaching through stories, primarily because it's often easier to understand a concept through a story. Fiction offers an opportunity to lose yourself in the trials and tribulations of teen characters, while following a great adventure, and, God willing, come out of it all inspired to know, love, and serve the Lord so much more.

This first month we're focusing on purity with special guest Carolyn Astfalk. So join us as together we grow in faith through fiction.

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