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Faith Through Fiction: Doing God's Will

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Catholic Teen Books is excited to share another new episode of Faith Through Fiction!

Faith Through Fiction is a video blog series that dives into issues teens face and presents books with related themes.

Let's face it: growing in faith and keeping to the narrow path that leads to heaven isn't easy. But God has answers for all our problems. He wants to heal all our wounds. And He has a path that will bring far greater joy than the one the world presents to us. A faith-filled story can often help us to see this truth more clearly.

Jesus often reached people through stories. We firmly believe that relevant Catholic fiction--in addition to entertaining readers--can help strengthen our faith by providing inspiration, insight, role models, and examples.

This month's Faith Through Fiction focuses on the struggle of Doing God's will. Science fiction author Marie Keiser is the featured author for this complex topic.

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