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“Catholic Teen Books” Author T.M. Gaouette Captures Two Prizes in the 2022 Catholic Media Book Award


July 15, 2022 – The Catholic Media Association’s (CMA) 2022 Book Awards has just lavished two prizes on Catholic Teen Books author T.M. Gaouette for her Faith and Kung Fu series for teens and young adults. The awards, announced at the Catholic Media Conference this month, recognize “the outstanding work of publishers, authors, and book editors that support the faith-filled life of Catholic readers.”

T.M. Gaouette’s Faith and Kung Fu series, as represented by Book 1, Freeing Tanner Rose, won Second Place in the category of “Best New Religious Book Series.” Her novel, Loving Gabriel (Book 4 in the series) won Second Place in the category of “Best Books for Youth Ages 17 to 21.”

The awards organizers praised the Faith and Kung Fu series as “great for teens and young adults. It has romance, action, and life lessons about choosing faith over fame. It combines fiction with real-world scenarios to create a compelling story that can be applied to daily life. The descriptive writing and quippy dialogue keep readers engaged.” The organizers described Loving Gabriel as a “mature story, with real characters, this novel is a page-turner. Faith is the foundation for a complex and modern romance. This is a highly appealing book for young Catholics.”

In addition to writing fiction, T.M. Gaouette is a wife and home-school mother of four who was born in Africa and raised in London before moving to New England. She was previously featured in The Parable Magazine, and her pro-life writing has been endorsed by Evangelist Alveda King.

T.M. Gaouette is a member of, which was launched in 2017 by a group of authors writing primarily for Catholic and other Christian teens. The website now boasts sixteen authors, many of whom have won multiple awards for their novels. It provides teen readers, parents, catechists, homeschool co-ops, youth ministers, teachers and others with direct links to exciting, well-crafted books that raise the heart and mind to God and reflect the fullness and beauty of the Catholic faith.

The site is organized by genre and includes a wide range of books including the following categories:

● contemporary

● historical

● mystery

● speculative

● saints

● dystopian

Among those, you’ll find suspense, mysteries, romance, coming-of-age stories, and lives of the saints with age-appropriate themes including the power of intercessory prayer, the communion of saints, the Rosary, virtue, Theology of the Body, and respect for life at all ages and stages.

The website includes a special section for educators with selections organized by grade level with links to discussion questions, where available. Educators are also eligible for reduced-price book packs to help expand Catholic classroom libraries.


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Congratulations, T.M.! You labored long and hard over this series. So glad to see you efforts recognized.

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