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Shadow Stalker


T M Gaouette


A story of sin, redemption, and God's incredible mercy . . . a story for all of us.

It all happened one morning. It was as if the world had gone mad. Well, maybe not the whole world, but enough of it to get noticed. People were waking up as if possessed; suffering souls resorting to tearing at their skin, crying out loud to no one in particular, haunted by a sudden internal torment that no one around them could decipher. For investigative reporter Elijah, this news story was way bigger than a scoop. Unless he could unmask the truth behind the madness, how could he stop it, once and for all? And more urgent – how could he keep it from happening to him?





New Adult


“I read this haunting novella in one sitting, but it continued to linger in my mind for quite some time after...Suffice it to say this is a riveting story of sin, conversion, redemption, and Divine Justice...All in all, this is a short but sobering read that will capture anyone's imagination . . . and hopefully lead everyone to a serious examination of their own lives before God.”

—Author, Susan Peek


Shadow Stalker originated as a short story T. M. wrote in 2009 titled “Conscience.”

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