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Heaven's Hunter


Marie Keiser


A story of love and hatred, revenge and forgiveness, faith and friendship

Randall Yung, born into one of the galaxy's elite families, could have had anything he wanted, but he decided to become a detective for the Galactic Fleet. And he's good at his job--so good at it that he's getting bored. Everything suddenly changes when Randall is assigned to track down the perpetrator of a daring attack on a Fleet warship. This case is dangerously personal. The closer he comes to his target the more he finds himself trapped by old grudges, an outlawed organization, and a war his grandparents fought. Can he escape from his enemies without betraying everything he cares about?





New Adult


“Come expecting a story with real characters, in a milieu that for all its technological advancement is not so very different from our own – or from that our forebears in the faith endured two millennia ago. Heaven’s Hunter is a very enjoyable, recommended read.”

—Andrew S., Amazon review


Randall Yung was originally created as the antagonist of the story, but ended up becoming the protagonist. 

"The story’s strengths lie in keeping firmly within the point of view of one character undergoing a profound and even painful change of heart, as he learns to see past the prejudices he was raised with and find his way to true interior humility and compassion."

—Click HERE for the complete review at Catholic Reads!

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