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Brave Water


Sarah Robsdottir


Girls are disappearing on their way to the spring...

Will fear stop Talitha, the sole water gatherer for her hut, from searching for her friend—even if it means scaling the walls of the mine owners' compound, where locals are shot on sight?
And will terror block Moses’ path—or can this teenage hunter battle an underground human trafficking ring with ties to the cities on the other side of Great Mountain?
Join Talitha and Moses on their journey, one marked with violent drug lords, crippling jealousy, blinding anger, but also…tremendous beauty. And, the flutters of first love.







"In this one story, the author skillfully highlights the life-saving importance of clean drinking water, the horrors of human trafficking, the vital yet dangerous role of Christian missionaries, the brutality and corruption of wealthy mine owners, heart-breaking poverty, and the beautifully rich culture of an African village."

—Leslea Wahl, award-winning author


The story of St. Bakhita, the patron saint of human trafficking survivors, influenced the personalities of several key characters in the book.

"...this novel has a very broad appeal: adventure lovers, the more romantically inclined, those concerned with social issues, those who like a nail-biting ride with a happy ending, and those interested in Eastern African culture, to name a few."

—Click HERE for the complete review at Catholic Reads!

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