Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden

Book one in the Chasing Liberty trilogy

A dystopian trilogy for older teens and young adults
Set in the not-so-distant future where faith, family and freedom do not exist . . .
Liberty 554-062466-84 of Aldonia lives in a responsible society that cares for the earth and everyone on it. Science ensures that every baby born is healthy. The government ensures that every baby born is needed. All are cared for, taught, and given a specific duty to perform, their unique contribution to society. Why is Liberty so unsatisfied?
In less than two weeks, Liberty must begin her vocation. Every girl in Aldonia wishes she had Liberty's vocation. She would rather flee from Aldonia and live on her own, independent of the all-controlling government. High electrical Boundary Fence crushes any thought of escape. The ID implant embedded in her hand makes it impossible to hide. She has no choice but to submit. Liberty is slated to be a Breeder.



" Phenomenal fast paced, gripping book. Left me wanting more and more.

Very relative to what is going on today. Looking forward to the next book.

A Must read.” 


~Amazon review

Fun fact

The author used actual ideologies of influential special interest groups that have now become very powerful in our world today.

Testing Liberty by Theresa Linden

Book two in the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Hidden no more. Imprisoned by the all-controlling government. Slated for Re-Education.

Liberty must escape  high-security facility to rescue the colonists who lost their freedom. Their capture is her fault. Set in the not-so-distant future, where the government controls society through indoctrination, population control, and the eradication of the family, Liberty bides her time in Aldonia’s Re-Education facility. If she fails to escape and rescue the others, the children, teens and adults of the Maxwell Colony will be integrated into society, facing sterilization and indoctrination. She is not alone in the desire to rescue the colonists. An underground, anti-government group has been rescuing people from Aldonia for years, but never have they attempted to rescue so many at one time. To do so would risk exposing, even ending, their operation. Racing through the wild, the underground and sordid inner-city slums, Testing Liberty follows Liberty from one trial to another, to her final sacrifice.

"Linden is a superb writer who knows how to keep the plot moving, creates authentic characters, and delves deep into some of our world's most troubling issues. Both my teenage daughter and I enjoyed reading and discussing the Liberty trilogy."


~Ann Frailey

Fun fact

The second book is the longest and many readers' favorite.


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Fight for Liberty by Theresa Linden

Final book in the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Book three in this dystopian trilogy for older teens or young adults.

Liberty has gained a deeper understanding of true freedom, but having it for herself is not enough. Prompted by the inner voice that has guided her for years, Liberty is compelled to bring the freedom she possesses to others in Aldonia. While unsure of how to carry out this mission, she is willing to risk all to accomplish it. Threats from outside the Boundary Fence and threats closer to home cause chaos and confusion that have everyone unsure of what direction to take. Troubled by Liberty’s risky choices, Dedrick wishes he could convince her to leave for the colonies. But Liberty has chosen Aldonia over him. When faith, family, and freedom have been squashed, what can one person or even a group do to reclaim the culture?

The final book in the Liberty Trilogy includes all the action and intrigue you'd expect along with the resolution of Liberty's seemingly paradoxical quest to both be free and to belong. ~Carolyn Astfalk

Fun fact

The author used downtown Elyria, Ohio, when developing a setting location in the story. 

Bound to Find Freedom by Theresa Linden

A Short Story Connected to the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Step into the dystopian world of the Chasing Liberty trilogy. A thirteen-year-old colony boy, who lives outside the boundaries of the government-run city of Aldonia, has grand visions of joining his older brother and the others who work for the cause of freedom. If only his parents would stop holding him back.

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