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New authors are currently being added by invitation only. Thank you for your understanding. Kindly address any correspondence to the Secretary at the email below. 

Who we are

Catholic Teen Books is a lay organization of authors committed to the writing and promotion of exciting novels for Catholic teens, in the hope of counteracting the anti-God culture that permeates society today and leaves young adults with very few wholesome literature choices. Every book on this site is either written by a Catholic, has a Catholic publisher, or contains Catholic characters or a Catholic message. Every book featured reflects the beauty of the Catholic faith and in some way raises the heart and mind to God, instead of dragging souls downward. We understand that everyone has different tastes in books, and that not every reader or parent will agree with every story, theme, or even genre. Please be aware that not every author on this site has read every single book represented here, and we make no claims to overstep the authority of Holy Mother Church in judgment.

Steps to Membership

In order for authors to be considered for membership, their books must not only be Catholic in content, but enjoyable, well written, appealing to teens, and with story lines that both engage and inspire. To insure books are suitable, a vetting process has been implemented, which requires at least three of the administrators to read (or previously have read) each book. It may be necessary, therefore, to supply complimentary copies of your book upon request. Digital copies are usually sufficient, but in some cases hard copies may be asked for. Please understand that we are all busy. We are not only writing our own books, but we are also homemakers, mothers, teachers, students, and some of us have full-time jobs. Many of us write with strict deadlines to meet. All of us actively help other authors as beta readers, critique partners, proofreaders, or editors. We all have long lists of books we have accepted to read and review. Therefore it may take a few months for your book to be considered. Please be respectful of our time.

Member Responsibilities

Once an author is accepted for membership, a small annual fee must be paid to help defray the costs of website maintenance, promotional materials, and various expenses. Each member is also required to assist in promotion of the group as a whole and, to the best of their ability, help other members by reading, reviewing, and recommending their books. To that end, we aim to familiarize ourselves with as many books on the site as possible. Obviously, reading each individual book is not always possible, but surely everyone can read a few. However, there are some simple things that everyone will be expected to do, which take very little time, yet can go a long way in helping promote our books. Some of those things include, but are not limited to:

• Placing the Catholic Teen Books website link on your website or blog
• Liking/Following all other members’ Blogs, Facebook Author Page, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads Author Page, Twitter account, and subscribing to their newsletters
• Featuring members’ new releases in your newsletter or on your blog as soon as possible
• Accepting an ongoing assignment to spread the workload (For example, members are currently assigned to specific tasks for marketing, publicity, and management of the site and its membership)

Each new member will be given a grace period of one month to prove their commitment to the group. If, after that time, we find that the member neglects to assist the group, continually fails to participate, or expects promotion from others without making efforts to return the favor, they will be dismissed, and their membership fee will NOT be refunded. This group is for team players only. Obviously everyone experiences periods of sickness, family or personal problems, overload at work, etc., so certainly no one is expected to contribute nonstop. But members who continually refuse to support the others or take on tasks without a genuine excuse will be asked to leave.


We are not accepting new members at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. When we are, a contact email will be provided here.

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