Saving Mount Rushmore by Andrea Jo Rodgers

Can he embrace his God-given gifts in time to save Mount Rushmore?


When John Jenkins’ parents ship him off to stay with his aunt, he’s certain it will be the worst summer ever—until he learns he’s been accepted to a top-secret school. St. Michael’s Academy is home to gifted students with extraordinary talents. Although John has no idea why he’s there, he’s assigned to Team Liberty, who assist authorities with low-level crimes. Their first mission: stop a trio of mischief-making teens from vandalizing Mount Rushmore.

John battles feelings of inferiority as he and Team Liberty compete against Devlin Black and his cronies to track down clues and solve puzzles at Mount Rushmore. Along the way, John makes several key contributions, and his self-confidence grows. When he discovers he was admitted to the school due to a clerical error, he’s mortified. Now, he’s strictly an “observer” until the mission’s end. But when his teammates run into trouble, John must summon up the courage to try to save Mount Rushmore, and he learns an invaluable lesson: every person has special God-given gifts—including him.

A great story that teaches patriotism, faith and courage.

Saving the Statue of Liberty by Andrea Jo Rodgers

Fun, fast-paced and educational.


In this sequel to Saving Mount Rushmore, John Jenkins is on probation at Saint Michael the Archangel Academy. That means one wrong move on his part, and he’ll be tossed off Team Liberty like wilted lettuce on a soggy hamburger bun. But Team Mischief, up to their old tricks again, plans to vandalize the Statue of Liberty. Knowing his team needs him, John snags the opportunity to prove himself worthy of the academy. Together, Team Liberty must uncover clues and solve puzzles at Liberty State Park and Ellis Island as they race against the mischievous trio to save the universal symbol of freedom from harm.

A fun fantasy adventure for tweens and teens.


Saving Mount Rushmore

Saving Mount Rushmore is a great book with a strong message of how good triumphs over evil. It is interesting and imaginative…”

— S. Leigh Hall,


“This was a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-moving adventure with some very likable characters that provided lessons in history, as well as positive messages regarding self-confidence, friendships, and faith…”

— Leslea Wahl, author of The Perfect Blindside, Secrets Visible and Invisible,

Where You Lead, and Unlikely Witnesses


“The book is a great mix of faith, action, and learning about history…the story leaves you wanting the next adventure of the staff and students from Saint Michael the Archangel Academy. An excellent read for middle grade students or even young adults.”

— Steven R. McEvoy, Top 500 Reviewer



Saving the Statue of Liberty

 “I love the adventure, the friendships, the patriotism, and the bits of history…this book is such a fun way to learn about history and national monuments and would make a supplement to American history lessons.”

— Leslea Wahl, author of The Perfect Blindside, Secrets Visible and Invisible,

Where You Lead, and Unlikely Witnesses


”This is a great middle grade read, with an excellent lesson…you will fall in love with the characters and enjoy the journey.”

— Steven R. McEvoy, Top 500 Reviewer