Unlikely Witnesses by Leslea Wahl

Combines the characters of Leslea Wahl’s award-winning YA mysteries,
The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role, in an all-new adventure

When four friends vacation together in the Colorado Rockies, they expect a week of hiking, biking, and rafting – not being interrogated by the FBI.

Between Josie’s mishaps, Jake’s celebrity status, and Sophie and Ryan’s friendly feud their peaceful family vacation turns into a comedic adventure. But, when these four teens stumble upon a mystery, things become downright dangerous.

The fun and intrigue of this short story is paired with a reminder that if we live our lives as Christians, we never know when we might be a witness for Christ.



I always marvel at how Leslea Wahl manages to come up with such exciting mysteries and at the same time weave Christian messages throughout, without ever coming across as preachy or overbearing. Her characters are flawed and realistic, yet perfectly natural in their love of God and their faith. 

~CatholicBookNut Amazon Review


I loved this short story so much!  

~Goodreads Review


Engaging, well written story showing what happens when you live your religion. Four energetic teens with lively imaginations, great observational skills and magical dynamic when together.  

~Goodreads Review


After combining the main characters from Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role, for the CTB anthology Secrets, Leslea Wahl decided these characters needed another adventure together.