Rightfully Ours by Carolyn Astfalk

A coming-of-age story of first love, buried treasure, and discovering some things are worth the wait.


Sixteen-year-old Paul Porter's relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad's deployment. Or so he and his brother think, until devastating news lands on their doorstep.

Paul's new home with the Muellers provides solace, especially in the form of Rachel, his friend and confidante. Their abiding friendship deepens as they work side by side to uncover what could be lost treasure.

Will they acquire the strength of character and virtue to take only what rightfully belongs to them or are they in way over their heads, with more than a few lost artifacts at stake?

Themes include premarital chastity and overcoming temptation.



“Rightfully Ours provides a thoughtful analysis of intimacy from a teen’s point of view, making it a great book especially for teens who struggle with sexual temptation and for parents who want a deeper consideration of the trials teens in love face.”

~Theresa Linden, award-winning Catholic teen fiction author

“This book is full of relatable characters, touching family traumas, teenage passions, and an intriguing mystery. While an enjoyable story, this book deals with an important subject matter that teens face in our society: purity.”

~Leslea Wahl, author, The Perfect Blindside

“Coming of age stories fall into ‘one of my favorite’ categories for novels, and this story lived up to my expectations. I would recommend this book for teens, especially those in a dating relationship, and for those who wish to understand them.”

~Virginia Pillars , author of award-winning memoir Broken Brain, Fortified Faith



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The lost gold in Rightfully Ours is based on an actual shipment of gold that never made its way to the Philadelphia Mint during the Civil War.