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Ideas to get your teens to read by Leslea Wahl

Are you having trouble getting your teen to read? Or maybe you have a book enthusiast at your home, but they only want books by certain authors or in specific genres, and you want to expand their horizon? has a few ideas that might help.

Start a book club – There is a reason that book clubs are so popular—because they are fun! Do you know other families who would be interested in creating a book club? It could be teens only, Moms and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, the entire family—be creative! Each teen could take a turn choosing a book. Let them browse the wide selection at and find a book they are interested in reading. You might even want to ask the author to join the discussion via Skype. By the way, this can be a great opportunity to open up a dialogue about complicated topics. Discussing sensitive subjects through a character can be a much easier way to have a meaningful conversation. even offers book-clubs-in-a-box!

Monthly Book Review – Are book reviews part of your teen’s curriculum? Our site is the perfect place to search for a new book to review. If you are hoping to expand their reading selection, each month, they could choose a book from a different genre. There are many ways to search for books on our website, by genre, subject matter, or age recommendations. Most of the books on our site have discussion questions, and many have more intensive book review packets.

Lesson Enhancements – Historical fiction can be a wonderful way to enhance a lesson plan. What better way to bring a time period to life than through an intriguing story? We have books about the Civil War, the Great Depression, medieval England, real-life Saints, and dystopian societies. By the way, the website Lit By The Tree does a wonderful job of highlighting books with unique lesson ideas for the entire family.

Book Exchanges – Books can be expensive, so exchanging books with others can be a fantastic solution. Maybe you know other families who would be interested in swapping books with you. Another great resource for inexpensive Catholic books is the website, CatholicReads. They feature Catholic books that are on sale.

Gift Ideas – can easily be used to create a wish list. Teens can be hard to shop for, and relatives often ask for ideas of meaningful or useful presents. Next time someone asks you for a gift suggestion, you can have a list on hand.

Getting reluctant teens to read or book lovers to try new genres can be difficult. Hopefully, these suggestions can spark even more ideas. Visit to discover your teen’s next adventure! Happy Reading!

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