Andrea Jo Rodgers holds a clinical doctorate in physical therapy and has worked as a physical therapist for 25 years. She has been a volunteer EMT for over 30 years and has responded to more than 7,500 first-aid and fire calls. She lives on the east coast with her husband, two children, and their Dachshund.  At Heaven’s Edge: True Stories of Faith and Rescue and its sequel, On Heaven’s Doorstep: God’s Help in Times of Crisis-True Stories from a First Responder (Harvest House Publishers), are collections of true inspirational stories from her early years as a volunteer EMT with her local first aid squad. Her middle grade adventure novels, Saving Mount Rushmore: Saint Michael the Archangel Academy, Mission 1 and Saving the Statue of Liberty: Saint Michael the Archangel Academy, Mission 2 (Anaiah Press) are fun, yet educational books that teach faith, courage, patriotism, and friendship.

To learn more about Andrea's true inspirational stories, visit her website!

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